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Buy TikTok followers and likes – Without getting banned

Everyone wants more TikTok followers fast. Don’t make mistakes and get your account suspended. Check our guide for the latest tips on getting followers and likes.

TikTok followers

Buy tiktok followers

Getting followers (fans) on TikTok is a lot easier and faster than Instagram for example. On our first video we got 22k views and 40 followers. On Instagram, Youtube or Twitter that is unheard of. So now is definitely the time to focus on TikTok content.

tiktok followers likes

We recommend to just focus on creating the best content possible. And learn from the engagement and views you’re getting. The algorithm doesn’t work like Instagram so content is better here.

But if you need to boost your motivation there some alternatives.

If you have a minute, have a look at Adobe Rush for better and easier video editing.

TikTok followers bot

free followers tiktok

To boost your motivation in the beginning using a TikTok auto liker could help you grow your account while you sleep. The TikTok bot:

  • Auto likes videos
  • Follows accounts
  • Unfollows after a while.

If you target the right audience and hashtags your account should gain followers interested in your content.


Social Masters offer an TikTok automation bot and an Instagram bot. The pricing is reasonable and they offer a 3-day trial.

  • Signup
  • Add your account
  • Choose your plan

You can add additional funds to your account to save money on monthly billing.

The standard TikTok Automation promotion is $24.99 / month.


Instamber offers a TikTok auto liker and a bunch of other services for social media automation.

Their bot automates follows and likes. It does what you would do but at a much higher speed, and without getting bored. It can interact with users you think would want to follow your account based on hashtags, username, gender and languages.

It’s completetly web based so you don’t need to download anything.

  • Signup.
  • Add your TikTok account.
  • Set your targeting filters.
  • Watch the bot go to work.

Their TikTok automation starts at $15/month.


buy followers on tiktok

Another TikTok bot is TokUpgrade. The services includes help from an account manager that will make sure you get the best results.

Risk with using a TikTok bot

Using a TikTok auto follower can get you suspended. Social platforms don’t like accounts using these types of services. You can get banned without any official proclamation and have your views go to 0.

Another thing be weary of is that you have to hand over your password to another party. So be careful with an account that you have a lot of time invested in already.

Although if everything works as intended it’s a huge time and mood saver. You don’t wanna waste your day liking and following to grow your account. A good idea could be to first try the bot out on a new account.

Buy TikTok followers

A better way to boost your account with TikTok followers is to buy them. This is safer because:

  • If the social media platform start punishing accounts for this – anyone could just buy followers for another account and get them suspended.
  • You don’t have to hand over your login and password to a third party.

We went looking for good sites to buy TikTok followers and likes. 


The most trustworthy one we found was Although their site isn’t always the easiest to navigate they offer a bunch of services for a fair price. They state clearly that the followers are not real but they are very serious about making them look real.

On the site you can buy:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Views
  • Shares

And not just for TikTok but every social media platform. 

What’s great about buying views, likes and shares on a new video is because of how the algorithm works. The more engagement a new video gets in the beginning (some say 4 hours) the more people it gets shown to. And if the engagement goes up it starts showing to more and more. So a boost could really help there. Be careful though so you’re not making the manipulation super obvious for the platform.


Once again, the best alternative for growth is content. The second is buying followers, and the third is using a bot.
Now let’s get TikTok famous. Good luck!

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