Get video clients

Get clients for video production without selling

You hate selling? Well, then stop doing it. Get clients for video production by helping instead of selling. And choose who you work with!

The Problem

Selling kinds sucks. But why is that really?

We realized it was because we weren’t giving anything. We were just reaching out trying to get someone to buy our service. So it felt like begging. And on top of that we weren’t really passionate about their business.


You go after specific businesses. Sounds simple. But there’s a lot more to it.

Choosing clients

What inspires you? What do you like or find interesting? What businesses could you work with in those areas?

Take a minute to think about if you’re influenced by other people’s ideas of what a suitable client is. Today there are so many new types of businesses online.

  • Influencers
  • E-commerce brands
  • Gamers
  • Youtube channels
  • Instagram pages

What’s great about these businesses is that they understand the value of video and content online. And some of them even have the NEED to produce content on a daily basis. That’s really the kind of buyer you want. Someone who needs your service or product.
Brick and mortar businesses sometimes just don’t produce video and it’s a lot harder to convince them.


Okay, so you have identified a couple of businesses.

Now you look what they’re doing on ALL social media in relation to what your business does.

  • Are they running ads on Facebook? How do they look?
  • How are they using Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok? If at all?
  • Check any other creative outputs that’s in your skillset. Design, Web, Logo, Podcast. You get the picture.

How could you help them? Is there a problem you could solve with your skills.

You’ll probably find an empty Instagram account more than once. Now that’s an opportunity for you. They know they should be putting out content on Instagram but they haven’t gotten around to it.

What’s great about this is that you get to really think about what your skills are. And what you want to do.

Getting creative

And now comes the part that requires some creativity and time. Find great stock video or download video from their social accounts. Create a video or a couple of videos that shows how you can solve their problem. Time and effort spent here is up to you. But if you’ve figured out something that you would want to do – you’re gonna put a lot more passion into it.

How we do it

You can get free stock footage from Videvo or Pixabay. Or subscribe to Envato Elements for stock video and music.

We use high end stock footage from Filmpac. It’s super expensive but the value is quite insane.

  • Create 1 – 3 short videos ( 5 – 15s)
  • Make sure they solve their problem
  • Showcase your different skills
  • Include their font and logo

We made this video for a company that does ECO-friendly furniture

We made this video for an app that does rentals between individuals

Email or DM

Compose a message that:

  • Is SHORT.
  • Doesn’t seem desperate
  • Doesn’t criticize what they’re doing. Rather how you can add to that. Or do something new.
  • Presents a solution (and the problem)

It might look something like this:

I think I could help you with your X. I could do Y and that will benefit you in Z way. I put together a couple of short videos. Just let me know if this could be something for you! All the best!”

  • Add videos to your drive and include link.

The message is gonna be very different for every situation. It’s basically a short pitch for a solution to the problem you identified in your research. Also think about what you would like to read as a buyer. Not what e-mail you should write. And if you actually like their product or service it’s easier to compose something genuine.

Why this approach?

You’re actually giving so it feels a lot better. But there are even more stuff going on under the surface:

  • You make them feel special. You have taken the time to do this for them.
  • You show that you are an expert.
  • You stand out from the crowd.
  • You solve a problem (if they agree hopefully).
  • You are giving something for free.

What’s also great about this approach is that you get to decide what your work is gonna be. And not get soulless corporate productions dumped on you. You’re presenting what you do and if they like it they like it. Just make sure you have reasonable expectations and go slow and steady.

Hope this helps you out. Happy hunting!

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