Increase Youtube views – Hacks to rank 1 on Youtube

Increase your youtube views and grow your channel. Learn how to target search intent. Don’t make great content that doesn’t show up in search results.

How do you get views on Youtube?

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First you have to think about the intent of the person searching on youtube. Sometimes people are just browsing looking for entertainment. But when they search they are looking for something specific.

You need to choose and target a specific search query with your video.

That’s your keyword.

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You want a keyword (one word or a phrase) that enough people search for, but where the competition is not too high.

  • Keywords like fitness or fortnite will have a lot of competition and be difficult to rank for.
  • While more niche and longer search phrases like “fortnite skins free” or “fitness workout plan” will be easier to rank for.

Have a look at Adobe Creative Cloud if you want to take your videos to the next level.

Find your keyword

One approach is to enter your topic in the search field on youtube. Now related searches will show up.

To get more suggestions:

  • Start with your niche or topic and then write a single letter to get suggestions on that letter.
  • Jump between letters to get more suggestions.
  • You can do the same thing after you find your second word.

Now you have phrases that people search for. Great!
But is there even more information to help you choose?


For Youtube SEO, thumbnails and keywords there’s a free plugin called Tubebuddy. TubeBuddy is an extension that you install and use in your web browser. It takes a while to learn but it is extremely useful once you know it.

Install Tubebuddy


  • Click install and then add.
  • Sign in to TubeBuddy with the Google Account that you use for Youtube.
  • Go to your YouTube channel.
  • Click the TubeBuddy icon to login.

A number of TubeBuddy features now show up on the backend of your youtube account. Here we’re just gonna focus on the ones you can use to get more views.

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  • With TubeBuddy installed, you open the menu and select Keyword explorer.
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  • Enter your topic or niche and press explore.

On Overall Score TubeBuddy shows if the keyword is worth trying to rank for. Poor will be hard to rank for with a new channel. Fair and upward can be worth trying to rank for.

On Score Analysis you can see more detailed information about search volume, competition and how optimized other videos are.

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  • Add a letter and get a suggestion.
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  • Specify until you find a phrase that’s good to try to rank for (it’s often hard to find a phrase that’s over 50/100)

Now you’ve found your complete keyword!

Title and Description

  • Upload your video
  • Put your keyword first in the title
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  • Use the keyword 2-3 times in the description. And only if it sounds natural.

Now it’s time to add your video tags.


Youtube says: Tags doesn’t play a huge role for your video to be found, but you should add some tags that are relevant for your video. And not too many.

  • Add your keyword as the first tag

When testing we noticed that our video jumped to the top of the rankings when we added our exact keyword as the first tag.

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Tag Tools shows you tags based on your title and description.

  • Select the one’s you want to use.
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You can also use the method of writing part of your keyword and adding letters or variations to find more tags.

  • Add your Tags.
  • Don’t overdo it.

Tags are meant to describe what this specific video is about, not your channel or your other videos. If the tags are all over the place it’s harder for Youtube to determine what your video is actually about.

Look at the tags for this video. It’s not really clear what it’s about.

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Now compare it to this one. Just by looking at the tags you can tell what the video is about.

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Here’s also a viable alternative. With more variations on the keyword.

Get inspiration from others

You can also get ideas for tags (and keywords) by looking at other peoples’ videos. Preferably videos with many views in your genre.
When you click on a video with TubeBuddy installed, you will see a box with information on which tags are used and much more.

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You can copy their tags to the clipboard or create lists of tags to save for when you upload new videos.

Youtube Algorithm

When it comes to social media algorithms – engagement is king. Youtube and many other social media rank your posts higher if they get many comments and likes.

  • Make sure you have great content so your viewers watch the entire video.
  • Add end screen and card.
  • Add a prompt to comment. Or include a question in the video.
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  • Pin a comment on your video.  
  • Promote your video.

Marketing tips:

  • Find subreddits linked to your topic at
  • Find a community and hashtags on Twitter.
  • Find boards and link to your video on Pinterest.

Everything is easier if you are in a specific niche. It is easier to find hashtags to include, groups on facebook and communities.

Reddit is one of the most underrated sites for communities. Maybe because it is a forum and does not have the most user-friendly interface. But if you find the right subreddits, you can get many views from there.

Create a compelling thumbnail

To get someone to click on the video in related videos or in search results, it helps to have a good thumbnail.

With Tubebuddy you can create a thumbnail with text and emojis without leaving Youtube. Just keep in mind that even here the video needs to be fully processed before you can use the tool.

Create a Thumbnail from a still image or the video.

  • Add graphic elements, emojis and text.
  • Compare your Thumbnail with other videos.


  • Find your keyword using related searches or TubeBuddy
  • Put your keyword first in the title
  • Put your keyword in the description (2-3 times)
  • Find your tags
  • Use your keyword as the first tag
  • Don’t use too many tags
  • Use tags that describe your video
  • Make sure you get engagement for your video
  • Market your video
  • Create a compelling thumbnail

Today, there is a lot of competition on Youtube. This means that if you want to be seen and make money from your videos you have to take competition, keywords and tags into consideration.