Get paid for your
free time

3 hours – 400 SEK

Walk with a stroller, skateboard, do yoga, hang out with family or friends.

We shoot when you do. 
And you get 400 SEK, or a professional video production!

Do you have any fun activity planned in Stockholm? We are often available the same day!

[email protected]



How does it work?

When a company or production company makes a movie, they often need more clips than they have filmed.

It could be people walking, someone working in an office, cars driving. Pretty much anything.

We sell the rights to use the movie clips we film – in advertising, corporate films or content on social media.

See examples of Stock video

Video production

Would you rather have a professional movie production? Maybe you need a clip for a job application? Or for your business? No problem!

We offer up to 20 seconds of film production edited with licensed music.

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Public place or authorization

It should be an activity that takes place in a public place, or in a private place for which you are the owner or authorized representative.
Permits are required to license images / movies from privately owned sites.


We are writing an agreement confirming that you have no rights to the images now or in the future. This is because the companies that possibly buy the images in the future want to be sure that they have your permission.

We also need another person who can sign as a witness that we have entered into the agreement. See the design of the agreements below.

More people

The more the merrier! Up to a maximum of 5 people are no problem. We pay SEK 400 per person, or 300 SEK + 5 film clips pp, or 100 SEK / pp + film production. With reservations because it can take longer when you are more people. Depending on what the activity is, etc.

Under 18?

If you are under the age of 18, you need a keeper, and a witness’s signature.


We reserve the right to refuse no for various reasons.

Logos on clothes

Clothes without logos or badges are preferred!


Model release

Property release

Who’s filming?

Hello! Kim Sandberg here. Founder of Teilo.

I’m a cinematographer and editor working with content, commercials and photography since 2012.


[email protected]



Where does Teilo sell Stock video?

Teilo uses the following sites:

Who can buy the video/images?

Anyone with an account at any of the stock sites selling pictures can buy the clips and use according to the license agreement that prevails for each stock site.

If I want a movie production – how can I use it?

You can use it in any channel you like.

Can I use the video production commercially?

Yes. The music we use is licensed from Envato Elements and it can be used in all commercial contexts in addition to feature films and worldwide television broadcasting. For full details, read the license agreement here.