Video production


We make testimonials where we first record the audio with a studio mic. To get that crisp quality and feeling of being really close to the person speaking. 

We edit with shots of what the person is talking about. Slow motion works great here!

You should have a person talk about a subject matter that they are passionate about. Preferably indirectly tied to what you want to tell the audience.

Stories Ad

We make video or image driven ads in any format for any platform. You can supply pictures and let us edit these and add graphics, or we can produce everything from scratch.

We prefer to make atleast two different videos for testing within your campaign. 

Display Ads

Display Ads are a great and cheap way to drive intent-based traffic without even producing a video.

Social media titles and text

We make videos to post on your social media accounts. Here we use lots of colors and big captions to grab attention. 

As with everything else; the content is the deciding factor so it should be something valuable to your target audience.

This type of video could be a highlight from a longer testimonial or a podcast for example. 

Looking for something simpler?

Video editing



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