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How to get on the TikTok For You Page – go viral and get famous

The TikTok for you page will get you lots of views, likes and followers. Don’t miss the steps you have to take to get there.

TikTok for you page

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On TikTok there are two video feeds.

  • The people you are following
  • The for you page

The videos on the for you page are suggested to you by TikTok, based on different factors.

But how do you get onto the TikTok For You page?

TikTok no views

If you’re not getting views on TikTok there are some things you should know.

Engaging videos

how to get on the for you page

You need videos that people watch and engage with. When you post a video TikTok shows it to a few people at first to see how they interact with it.

  • How much of it do they watch?
  • Do they like, comment, follow after watching?

From that information TikTok decides whether to show your video to more people. You can read more about the TikTok algorithm in our post.


Go through your For You page and think about the trends you see. How can you use these trends with your type of content? What are the famous accounts doing? What music is popular? What music and sounds are brand new?

Follow trends

how to get on for you tiktok

TikTok is literally made for trends. It helps people be creative and gives everyone that sense of community. So try to follow trends with video and music. But at the same time think about how can you stand out within this trend? You’ve probably seen three videos of different people doing the exact trending dance in a row. On the third one your kinda gonna go: Meh?

So think about why people are gonna like your video more than others within that trend.

Use trending hashtags

Using popular hashtags for your video will do a better job than using less popular hashtags. Although the hashtags should be relevant to the topic of your video too.

When posting your video you can start by writing just #

You will then get suggestions for hashtags. The hashtags with symbols after them are trending or sponsored hashtags. Videos with trending hashtags are more likely to get on the for you page.

You can also check trending hashtags on the discover page.

Use the for you page hashtags


Using trending music:

Trending music tends to attract more attention than just ordinary music. Sounds and music are trending because a lot of people like them. Therefor TikTok will be more inclined to push your video to more usesrs when you’re using trending audio.

Interact with other TikTok users

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If you comment on the comments of your own video it will count as engagement on the video. It will also help with people interacting on your upcoming videos because your followers will know that you will interact if they post.

Post a lot and often

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TikTok judges every video individually and by the first focus group. Most videos are going to flop depending on a multitude of reasons. So posting a lot will just give you better chance of avoiding bad luck.

The time you post on TikTok

Post when you think there is the most number of people using the app in your area. More overall viewers simple means it’s easier for creators to get a lot of views.

Phone model

There is some information that using a newer phone makes it easier to get on the for you page.

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