TikTok trends – Your ticket to going viral

TikTok trends help people be creative on the platform. Learn how trends work and how you can use them to go viral and gain followers faster.

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What is a TikTok trend?

A trend can for example be a dance, a joke, a duet or a prank connected to a sound or song that a lot of people make their own version of.
If your looking for a particular song you can look through our list here.


No onions were harmed in the making of this video…. I’m making guacamole tomorrow. Idea credit/ @michaelmawn ##pewpewpew ##chopper ##fyp ##foryou

♬ Pew Pew Pew – Auntie Hammy

How to find trends

For you
By just using the app for a while and scrolling through the #foryoupage you will encounter the biggest trends that are going on right now. It’s a natural way to get a feel of what goes viral and what’s working.

tiktok trends for you

Go to the discover page and start scrolling through the hashtags.

discover tiktok trends

Video creator
Before publishing your video you can type # and TikTok will give you suggestions for hashtags.

tiktok trends hashtags

Those that have a fire icon are trending hashtags ready to be used. Those that have a thumbs up are sponsored hashtags.

Following and looking through large accounts is also a good way to stay up to date with trends.

How to go viral with TikTok trends

Like investing, with great research you spot something promising early and move in. So if you just add some pattern recognition while scrolling you can take advantage of the trends on TikTok.


♬ Ah Eh – queen_zyon1

If the viral video is connected to a sound or song. You can:

  • Press it.
  • Compare the viral one with others.

After doing this for a couple of viral videos you will get ideas on how to make a good video for a trend.

When making your own video of the TikTok Trend

  • Go through the other videos in the trend.
  • Do the trend in way that hasn’t been done before.

TikTok trends examples

Pew Pew

A trend based on this song.


Hahahahhah wow he killed this @imkevinhart

♬ Pew Pew Pew – Auntie Hammy

Don’t leave me

A trend where people make a pun with the use of items and then run away. And their friends run after them and shout “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me!”


Part 2 of don’t leave me challenge ##foryou ##dontleavemechallenge ##dontleaveme

♬ original sound – iconiccpinkk

Laughing at memes



##greenscreen part 41 LMFAOOOOOO BEAN MERCH DROPS THIS SATURDAY 6/27!!! tag someone who hasn’t seen this part? ##beangang ##meme ##MakeSomeoneSmile

♬ original sound – thatkidbean


Spilling water over someone in sync with the song.


♬ Ah Eh – queen_zyon1

No views

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Popular TikTok Trend Questions

How to start a TikTok trend?

  • First, you’ll need a creative video. Secondly, you will need to make it go viral.
  • Or pay for a sponsored hashtag and hopefully have people join along.

What was the first TikTok trend?

It is hard to pinpoint the very first TikTok trend, but the #Posechallenge lays a good claim to that position. The #BottlecapChallenge was also an early entrant.

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