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What does it mean on TikTok?

What does the phrase mean on TikTok. There are a lot of in-jokes and slang on the app. We list the most common phrases, words and acronyms.

What does FYP mean?

FYP stands for: For You Page. That’s the actual feed of videos which you scroll through when using TikTok. The For You Page is different for every user and is curated through what you watch, for how long and how you engage with it. 

#FYP or #ForYouPage are popular hashtags when creators are targeting a very broad audience.

What does adult swim (as or [as]) mean on tiktok?

AS or Adult Swim trend on TikTok stems from Cartoon Network Adult Swim hours where they would feature shows for 18+ audiences. The clips on TikTok featuring [as] in brackets is a nod to the bumpers made on Cartoon Network to promote the Adult Swim hours.

What does bbl mean?

BBL stands for brazilian butt lift and is a type of plastic surgery where you take fat from different parts of the body and place it on or around the butt. The procedure has risen in popularity with influencers and social media.

What does dc mean?

DC stands for Dance Credits. Where the creator of the video credits the original creator of a dance. It can also stand for Dance Challenge – i.e. one of the many challenges on TikTok.

What does shadow banned mean?

Shadow banned is a term used on all social media platforms where an account’s videos don’t show up for anyone else on the platform. The owner of the account can keep posting videos without knowing they’re banned. There’s a lot of debate on different platforms about how long you are shadow banned or if it actually exists at all. Read more about shadow banning on Tiktok specifically in our post.

What does cap mean?

To cap means to lie. e.g. “He’s capping” – he’s lying.

What does XYZBCA mean on TikTok?

#XYZBCA is a popular hashtag people use to target a broad audience. 

What does pinned mean on TikTok?

A pinned video. 

A new TikTok update let’s you pin any of your videos to your profile. When a user clicks into your profil that video will be at the top. It’s also possible to pin multiple videos which will be at the top in the order you pinned them.

What does L and W mean on tiktok?

L means a loss. 

W means a win. 

What does chupapi munanyo (muñaño) mean on TikTok?

There doesn’t seem to be a clear answer on what the term means. Here’s what Google translate has to say:

Probably it does not mean anything. But we do not speak spanish so we’re not completely sure.

In one video the guy is talking to a spanish speaking man who also does not seem to understand what it means.

What does ratio mean on TikTok?

Ratio (ratioed) means a comment receiving more comments than likes. 

It is a way for other users to laugh at or show they dislike the comment. It’s referenced a lot on Twitter and can be used in a humorous and not so serious way. 

What does asl mean on TikTok?

ASL usually means “as hell” on TikTok. ASL can also be an acronym for “age, sex, location”.

What does IB mean on TikTok?

It often stands for International Baccalaureate which means students taking international courses sometimes outside the normal curriculum.

IB can also mean “inspired by” or “I’m back.”

What does chile mean on TikTok?

Someone saying something crazy or something that you have a negative reaction to.

What does PFP mean?

PFP means Profile Picture on most social media platforms.

What does simp mean?

Simp means a man who idolizes a girl or woman they like or find attractive. Sometimes to an extreme where they will do anything for that person. The word can be used in a lighthearted and humorous way to suggest a person is being a simp.

What does cc mean?

Closed captions. Subtitles of what is being said in the video.

What does gen z mean on TikTok?

Gen Z is the generation born 1997 – 2012.

What does DDD mean on TikTok?

Destroy Dick December. As a reference to No Nut November.

What does ceo mean on tiktok?

CEO on tiktok often means someone who is great, good, the best, boss of something. 

CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer and is the person in charge of the broader operations and strategies of a company. Can often be described as the boss and is often the owner especially if it’s a small business. 

What does it mean to be an accountant on tiktok?

Someone who does sex work like Only Fans or porn. “I’m an accountant” is something you would say instead of what you really do.

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